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We love to meet new water ski junkies.  If you're interested in taking a set or two on the pristine water at Timberlake then please let us know.  All of our members have active USA Water Ski memberships with driving credentials from Trained Driver up to Senior Driver.  Enjoy up to 8 passes in the slalom course, 6 passes in the jump course or a 20 min. trick set for just $30.

(not available during Eastern Regionals practice)

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Be a part of the Timberlake experience.  Enjoy the thrill of contributing with a fun loving group of skiers.  Hone your talents both on the water and off as we coach one another and build our tournament skills.  Ski on water with near perfect conditions and a surveyed course.  Learn what we mean when we say it's the "Magic of Timberlake."  Have fun while socializing and executing great tournaments.  Share the sport by assisting with clinics, fun tournaments and our annual junior development program.

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Lifetime membership is available through joining Timberlake as a partner.  Timberlake Owners Group LLC was formed to be the caretaker of the Timberlake experience.  The owners enjoy all the benefits of membership without the yearly dues.  Partnerships are currently available with or without property purchase.  Click HERE for more information on ownership opportunities at Timberlake.

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by Jim Powell
President, Timberlake Water Ski Club

For most of my adult life I've had a dream of owning a place where I could walk down, hop in the boat and get a ski set in.  I have realized that dream at Timberlake, but it goes way beyond just the convenience of getting out on the water.

Growing up in western New York, my family lived near a small lake where swimming and water skiing were part of our summer activities.  The season was short  and the water was cold and choppy, but we loved to get out when we could.  Although we didn't have a slalom course, we loved riding the water behind our StarCraft IO.  It was a great family activity.

Now I have my own kids and I am getting the greatest joy in my life sharing this sport with my wife, family and friends.  I get a rush every time I go out for a set on perfect calm water.  I get an even greater rush seeing how excited the kids get when they make another pass or succeed at a new trick.  There are also the friendships that have developed with other skiers both at Timberlake and around the water ski community.  We all share in the joy of coaching one another in practice, cheering for each other at tournaments and kicking back on the deck for an evening gathering of friends.  I'll never be a professional athlete, but the drive to excel at water skiing keeps me going and makes me want to stay in shape.  Sure, water skiing is just a sport and not a cheap one, but the lifestyle that it brings to me has immeasurable value.




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