LOT 2 - Five+ acre wooded waterfront building lot, 18% ownership in Timberlake common property, and full ski club membership with no annual dues.  Campground site with water, sewer and electric hookups.
Contact skitimberlake@verizon.net

LOT 4 - Five+ acre wooded waterfront building lot 18% ownership in Timberlake common property, and full ski club membership with no annual dues. The lot has excellent frontage on the lake, and good frontage on county road rt 665. The home site and well site and septic site have been approved by the county. Build your own summer home, and ski on one of the best sites in Virginia.  Contact Dave for full details.  For more information click HERE.

10% equity partnerships in Timberlake. Includes 10% ownership in Timberlake, and ski club membership with no annual dues.  Financing available.  Contact timberlake.pres@gmail.com
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Timberlake Owners Group is a partnership, that is jointly owned.  When Timberlake was founded, the 58 acre property was divided into 6 parcels. One Parcel (25 acres) is the common property which includes the lake, the dam, a 15 foot buffer around the lake, the road along the rear of the property, and the campground. The campground was improved with septic, water, and power. The campground contains 10 campsites 7 of which have park homes (trailers) installed. The common property also contains a 2 stall boat house, paved boat ramp with dock, a tournament start dock, and a club start dock, ski jump ramp, and a record capability slalom course. The remaining 5 parcels are approximately 6 acre wooded waterfront building lots. Each of the original partners took title to one of the 6 acre building lots.  The common property was divided into 10 equal partnership shares (10% ownership shares). These shares are held in common by the partners.  The idea here was to be able to provide an opportunity for others to have an equity interest in Timberlake without the financial burden of having to buy a 6 acre building lot.  Equity owners have a “club” boat available for use on a shared cost basis.



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